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    Dynamic Unpartition
    So I know that I can unpartition my HD if I partitioned it with Bootcamp, I've done that before. But I have a different problem now.
    I was running the Ubuntu Live CD and was going to install Ubuntu on a partition I made with Bootcamp but couldn't get it working so I was playing with the partition types and sizes in Ubuntu from the CD. Since I did that, bootcamp doesn't recognize that space anymore and ignores it. So now I'm 10GB short on my drive.
    Now I know there has to be someway to dynamically unpartition my drive because Bootcamp can do it and Micromat DiskStudio can do it too. But I don't want to pay for DiskStudio and as stated earlier, Bootcamp won't cut it.
    Any recomendations. Even if you know how to do it in Ubuntu i could do that.
    I don't want to have to format my drive because, well, I'm lazy and I don't want to back up my files to my PowerMac right now because that would take a while. I'll do it if I have to but I'd rather avoid it.
    Anyway, thanks in advance.

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    Sorry for not searching the forum as well. Feel free to scream STFA at me lol.

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    ..isn't STFU? not STFA
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    STFA means Search the explitive Archives lol.

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    I figured it out
    You need bootcamp and Ubuntu (or any Linux distro I'm sure).
    First, I ran the Ubuntu Live CD. In here I loaded the partition editor. It was setup so I had 200MB of EFI, 45GBish of Mac HD, 10GBish of Another HD and a couple MB of unused space. After deleting the 10GB of the secondary HD I had a little over 10GB of unused space and only 3 partitions instead of 4. Then I created a new partition that used up all of the unused space and set the format to ext3.
    After that I restarted into OSX and ran bootcamp which now gave me the option to unpartition it and restore my drive to a single volume. Before it was saying that it was unrecognizable because I had made changes to the partitition size and format in Ubuntu before when I was trying to install it.
    So... my drive is all back together again
    Hope someone else had the same problem and this helps but probably not lol.

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