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    Question Make OS X think USB hard drive is unremovable?

    I want to install several Mac programs for OS X on my USB hard drive, but I'm not able to, since OS X recognizes the USB hard drive as a removable drive. Is there any settings I can change in OS X so that OS X thinks that my USB hard drive is a fixed hard drive, like an internal drive, so that I can install OS X programs to it without a problem? Let me know. Thanks.

    Oh, running OS X Panther 10.3.4 on iBook G3 900 Mhz

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    i did not have any problems installing panther on my firewire drive. it still counts as removable, but I can boot from it any time i want. it should aply to usb drives as well (i think, though not sure)
    what drive do you have?

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    install on internal then move to external? :confused:
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