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Thread: MAC G5 vs new intel MACs

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    MAC G5 vs new intel MACs
    i am new to macs.
    I brought a 2nd hand (mac dealer) G5 dual 2.0 power Mac, few years old so not the intel one.
    I am not very familiar with the new intel setup on new macs verses the old Mac but would like to know a few things.

    Can i continue to update and run new programs. Like the new CS3 or later/newer versions of osx.

    I currently have Osx10.3.9 is this the end of the line for my mac.

    Sorry, but i am very unfamiliar with the new setup and have been trying to install a few programs that simply wont open.

    any help much appreciated.


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    -You can run Universal Binary applications. They are compiled to run on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.
    Pretty much every new app that will be released from now on will be Universal Binaries.
    e.g. Photoshop CS3

    -You can run old PowerPC-only applications that have not been updated as Universal Binaries.
    Intel Mac users can run these too through Rosetta, but it'll be slower than if run on a PowerPC Mac.
    e.g. Office 2004 for Mac

    -You cannot run Intel-only applications.
    But these are rather rare.

    Ah, you have 10.3.9.
    That's probably why you cannot run certain apps.

    10.3.9 is still supported by quite a few apps, but it seems that these days, Tiger is becoming the minimum requirement.
    I would suggest upgrading to Leopard when it comes out in October. (no point in buying Tiger now)
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    thanks very much

    that is good to hear.

    look like ill update in oct.



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