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    Apps are closing
    HELP!!, all my applications keep closing and giving me the "an application closed unexpectedly" message.

    I've called apple, and they had me go through disk utility and i did a disk repair through the install CD. The repair utility got rid of a error message that i got when i did "verify disk" but these applications are still closing.

    I called apple again and he told me i need to do a full re-install of OS X because the problem is happening on more than one username. To me, that seems like somebody taking the easy way out.

    Does anybody here have any ideas?

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    Well the fact that the problem is happening in more than your account means the problem is at the system level so I would tend to agree with Apple Care here. It could be an app you installed to be used by all accounts that is creating the conflict.

    When did this start to happen exactly? Was it after a new software install? Or did you add a new peripheral? New RAM?

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    after an apple update, as best as i can remember...

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    Ok well what you might try is go to Apple's Support Downloads webpage and pick out for your Mac model (either PowerPC or Intel-based, you haven't said) the latest Combo update from the list.

    1. Download the installer on your desktop.

    2. Unplug all unnecessary peripherals from your Mac.

    3. Restart, holding down the Shift key to start into Safe Mode.

    4. Doubleclick on the Combo Update installer. Do NOT launch any apps or do anything: just let the installer do its thing.

    5. You will be prompted for a restart. Restart as usual and see where that takes you.

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    thanks, i'll try it and let you know how it goes...

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    first off, it's intel based, and second, i've tried to download the combo update about 5 times, and everytime it gives me "verification failed"

    What gives??

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