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    I can't connect to my PC anymore, but I can to others? OSX 10.3.4
    I used to be able to access my PC with my PowerBook, but it won't connect to it anymore.
    I can connect to other PC's on the network just fine though.

    What happens is, I open the Network folder and my PC comes up on the list, cool, I double click it and then authenticate, then a window pops up saying it can't connect because the shortcut refers to a computer that is no longer there.. Awhile back I had to reformat my PC, but none of the information is any different. ie. workgroup, computer name, etc. Everything is the same as it was before. Why can't I connect to my PC anymore?
    I've repaired my permissions, have all the latest updates installed, and still it doesn't work. Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks.

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    I would try to delete all the SAMBA share info and reinstall then again

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    How might I go about doing that?

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    Erm...does anyone know how to reinstall SAMBA?

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