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Thread: Need some Help, New to Macs (G4 Cube)

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    Need some Help, New to Macs (G4 Cube)
    Hi guys.

    I need some help. I'm on a very Tight Budget and am going to buy a G4 Cube for farley cheap. I want to know if i'll be able to Upgrade to OS X 10.4

    712 MB of ram
    20gig HDD
    ATI RAGE 128 Pro graphics card with 16MB of SDRAM graphics memory installed in a dedicated AGP 2X graphics slot.
    OS 9.2

    I'm paying about $185 for it. I plan to Upgrade it over time, But right now I'm on a VERY small budget due to Money problems and anything is better then my 900 mhz 153 mb ram PC.

    Basically Just wondering if I buy the computer and Order OS X from Apple will i be able to run it?

    Thanks, and sorry for the Noobish questions and sorry if this is the wrong forum.

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    Your system meets the requirements and I would've though Tiger will run fine on that system. I've just upgraded to Tiger on my 2nd Mac - a Pismo with G3 400mhz, 512 ram and meagre 8mb graphics and it seems to be handling it OK so far.

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    Thanks Guys.

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