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    Rewrite partition structure

    After a blackout i discover that 3 of my disk had the partition table destroyed.

    -One its a 2T disk with HFS partitions on.

    -The other two are 300 G disk with ext2 partition on (i use that on a linux olso)

    My computer is a laptop 2.16 GHz Intl Core Duo. Mac Os X version 10.4.9

    When i try to rescue them with disk utily i discover its useless because it cant see the partition table, so it just belive its a empty disk. I had no more luck with other program for rescue files like "Data Rescue II"

    Then i use testdisk and discover a good thing. That program can see the "right" partition table in some way.
    For example it tell me:

    Disk /dev/disk1 - 341 GB / 317 GiB - CHS 41503 255 63
    Partition Start End Size in sectors
    P HFS 1824 19231 17408
    P Linux 19232 666729623 666710392

    And i am quite sure there is right.

    ... when i try to write down the partition table it tell me:

    Function write_part_mac not implemented
    Use pdisk to recreate the missing partition
    using values displayed by TestDisk

    I try to use pdisk... but i cant understand it.

    How to use it to write the partition table without format the partiton?

    I think testdisk gave me all the imput, i just need to know how to fix the disk with pdisk.

    I read many document about... but i am quite a noob.

    Please help me.

    It VERY importat to me since i loose almost 3 T and there were all my important thing there!!


    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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    Closer than you think.
    Performa 6116 2GBSCSI 8MB OS 7.5.3
    Try Alsoft's Disk Warrior

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    Disk Warrior can work only in partitions. But if he cant see the partition its useless...

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