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    Error message won't go away
    I've got this error message that keeps bothering me. It goes away if I restart the computer but comes back when I start printing stuff on my brother dcp-330 printer. The thing is - I can't click the "OK" button to make the message go away, although I can move the message around the screen. My printer is functioning fine, by the way. The error message looks like it's for a camera though. Any ideas? Thanks.

    I included a link to a copy of the error so you can see what it is.

    It reads:
    "Failed to connect to the device.

    - Check the I/F cable connection between the device and your computer.
    - Please turn OFF the device once, and then turn ON the device again.

    Then try again.


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    do you have a camera plugged in? if so unplug it and restart. If not i would recommend turning off the mac, unplugging everthing except your keyboard, mouse and display, turn on and see if you get the message of not turn off the computer and plug in each device and power on one at a time until you get the message again.

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    What is the brand of your printer? Would it happen to be a Brother model by any chance? The google hits so far all bring up this brand of printer with this error message.

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