Hello everyone. I'm new here but not to macs and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Chris.

Anyway, I currently have a G4 powerbook that I use for work and some personal things. It has always run well for me and the wireless in it is great.

Well, the wireless was always automatic. I had the network name and wireless Security (WEP 40/128-bit hex) code saved so everytime I was in my apartment and booted up, the wireless would kick right in.

Then one day I booted up and there was no wireless connection. I tired everything. I checked all my system prefs settings, I reinstalled my router setting and checked and re-checked my Network name and secuity password. Well, it turns out that when I type in the security code and network name, i get my wireless. But is I close the book (put it to sleep) or if it goes to sleep itself, it loses the wireless connection and I have to re-type in Network name and security password. Every single time.

So I am not dead in the water, but sometimes I am at a clients home trying to do work and I should be able to get wireless there, but need to get their network name and passcode and some people just don't have that info.

What could have happened to change this? Why isn't my machine holding these settings and passwords? I can't think of any updates that were done between when this was working and when this stopped working and am quite frustrated with what is going on.

Any ideas?? Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks.