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    Burning a DVD with Toast
    hi all, I just burned PLANET EARTH to a dvd using Toast. The file I have is 2.13 gb, and its in .avi format.

    When I put the disc in my player, it says "Disc Error" and tells me that the disc is "Not NTSC". any advice on what to do/what this means? thanks.

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    This is a bit old but it should help. I use iMovie to convert from PAL to NTSC. What that message is saying is your movie is in European PAL format. You need to convert to NTSC.

    See if any of this helps.

    Here is another URL from Apple.

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    ok thanks, I'll try that out. does it really make the movie jerky/of lesser quality?

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    I can't speak for the software, but from TV guys point of view, you shouldn't see any quality loss going from PAL to NTSC. The movie will speed up slightly though, and the resolution be slightly lower (but it's only what you'll be used to).

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