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Thread: Maybe just a simple fix?

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    Maybe just a simple fix?
    my computer: imac, year purchased 2005

    as of late, the last week or so, my mouse cursor has been dropping into to the background while I'm trying to work. It's happening more frequently the more often I use the computer. I'll be in an application, the mouse cursor will just disappear, then after stubborn clicking around, it comes back...only to drop out in the background once again, every minute or so.

    Is this a quick fix or will I have to do a repair disk?

    Thank-you in advance =)

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    You probably won't need to repair the disk.
    Try running a Permissions Repair first and see where that takes you.
    You might want to run something like Onyx to clear out your system cache as well.
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    i tried all of the preliminary fixes, nothing worked. I will now try running onyx. Just empty the cache using onyx or anything else I need to know?

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