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    Do YOU have a sleep problem with your computer? Post it here, and maybe somebody will help.

    First Problem: I have a Dual Processor 1.25 GHz (each) Power PC G4 2 MB L3 cache per processor, with 1.5 GB DDR SDRAM, 3 hard drives totaling up to about 500 gigs of space, and a sleep problem. It used to sleep, but now, when I try to, it just won't work. The sleep button at the menu screen doesn't work, either. I press it, all 3 buttons dim, and the they undim after about 30 seconds of just sitting there! IT'S SO FRUSTRATING!!! Anyway, recently I took it apart (Before it had sleep problems) and cleaned it out, because it had a thermal problem. I found lots of dust begin the intake, and dust bustere'd it out, but when I put it all back together, it will not sleep, the Apple Tab function does nothing. That's all I've noticed so far, but I suspect it MAY have other problems. Any thing I might have forgotten to put back in? Any other suggestions? PLEASE HELP!

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