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    Problem with last software update
    I got the last software update that had the firmware update for SuperDrive with it. Ever since then, whenever I start up my Macbook, I get this message saying that there aren't any devices that need this update. How do I stop that message from coming up?

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    im guessing ur Macbook does have a Superdrive in it?

    anyway, sounds to me like, although u have downloaded the update u havent actually installed it yet.
    from memory when i d/l the update it mentioned u have to actually manually install the update.

    try this, go applications>utilities>Superdrive Update 2.1

    this will actaully run the update, and should get rid of the window in start-up

    if ur superdrive has already been updated, running this application will tell u, and i then cant help u to get rid of the reminder.

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