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    Time / Time in Sys prefs problem... help!

    I have a program here that I have a paid for student 9-month auth (MAX/MSP) - Upon attempting to start it it's telling me that my current date and time must be set to 06:32:42 on 07/09/07 or later ... And I only have three more runs until I do this. Problem is, my time is set correctly to a time before this...

    It's set to now/today (8 July 07)

    It thinks I'm trying to fool the software license...

    When I go into the sys prefs to see what would happen if I complied with its request - it will hang (beachball) when I click on the time preferences pane and I have to force quit out - other pref panes work fine... just not time. What could be the issue ? How can I fix this ?

    two problems really - one app thinks the time is something it isn't and my sys prefs will crash (connected maybe?)

    1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo - recently updated OS X to 10.4.10 ( !??) if that means anything ...

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    Have you tried to delete the corresponding .plist(~/Library/Preferences/?????.plist) file? Can you specify which program you are talking about?

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