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Thread: HELP Macbook starts up like it was a month ago...

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    Jul 06, 2007
    HELP Macbook starts up like it was a month ago...
    Today I started up my computer and somehow it started up like it was a month ago.... meaning the way my desktop looks, I'm missing pictures since of that time, my email had to be rebuild again.... I'm missing documents. I just don't understand how this could happen?

    I know it was possible under Windows to reset to another time, is there a way in Mac too. I hope so... as now I lost some precious pictures (I did make a back up folder but ofcourse that is gone too).


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    Run a search for a known file name so that if it still exists, you'll know where it and probably everything else ended up.

    From that, it would be easier to figure out what happened.

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    i did that... not

    I had deleted files (emptied trash) 3 weeks ago and mysteriously that is all back. I mean literally what I said, old files are back, new ones are gone... it reminds me of Windows... where you could set up points at where you could restart if you had a problem.

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    my friend has the same problem
    he has a ibook tho
    and sometimes when he turns it on his desktop looks like it did when he first got it and all his files are missing but not deleted

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    Just out of sheer curiosity, do you have an external backup?
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    anyone know how he managed to boot like that?

    i kinda wish i could right now

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