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Thread: How to change Finder Sidebar Icons?

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    Jul 03, 2007
    How to change Finder Sidebar Icons?
    I've been searching like crazy and haven't been able to find an updated and free solution to this. I am wondering how to change the Finder sidebar icons without affecting the original icon.

    For example, for the picture folder, when you view it in the finder sidebar, it shows only the picture frame, but when you look at it in Mac HD, it has a Blue Folder with a Picture Frame inside. I am wondering how to either restore or change that.

    So if more clarification is needed, basically the picture folder looks one way in the finder sidebar than it does in the finder window. If anyone could help with the solution I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Jul 04, 2007
    I managed to change my finder icon as im a tart xD using a program called candy bar - it costs $12!! ffs its a small company so give them sum business
    Its an amazing bit of kit - will let u change allll of your icons inc applications system etc - candybar is the program - well worth £6 imo

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    Jul 03, 2007
    Thanks man, but I'm kind of looking for something for free because I don't think it's worth money to change like a few finder icons, you know? I appreciate the help though

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    Apr 07, 2008
    old topic but same question.

    I moved my Download directory and if I now drag it to the Finder's sidebar, the icon is not green anymore.

    I have Snow Leopard.


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    Tex, have you downloaded stuff since moving that folder? (Your terminology needs a little Windex, if you get my drift.)

    The OS just might recreate the Downloads Folder where it wants it. In fact, I can't move mine with a simple drag and drop. I can only copy it.

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    I was given a solution in this thread on Apple's forums

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