EDIT: I got my help. Thanks guys


Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I was not sure where to put it.

I'm having a problem with my Desktop, specifically the Dock. I have it all set up to magnify when I hover over the various icons, but that's not happening anymore. In fact, nothing on my deskstop will hover anymore. When I drag my mouse (either my wireless Mighty Mouse, or my Wireless Logitech) nothing on the dock moves. When I click on an icon on the dock it magnifies like it should, but only what I clicked, it doesn't magnify as my mouse moves over it like it used too.

Also, I have to click on the time and date and other options on my menu bar, I can't just hover a menu option and have the options window slide open.

These same things happen in the new safari too. In firefox I can move around flash sites, or really in site in general, hover over drop down menus and they'll appear just fine. I can't do that on Safari now, any time I want to see something that would generally be display on mouse over, I have to click and hold down the mouse button to get any response.

Anyone know what's wrong? I used to work just fine, not really sure when this started, and it's not crippling, but it does make my dock look a lot less flashy.