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    Force restart issues...etc...
    I have a dual gig quicksilver and have had some problems lately:

    1.) It all started with my system not re-booting fully after shutting down. I noticed that I had to either let it sit for 15-30 mins before I could get it to start or had to open up the tower for about 10 mins. When I would press the power button I would get the startup chime, but the monitor would not power on and it would just sit there. I use a 22" cinema display. At first I thought it was the PRAM battery, so I replaced that a month ago.

    2.) When I do get it to start up sometimes I have been getting the force restart screen. Also, I have tried to Archive and Install but getting the force restart as well. Right now I am actually making prcgress with that so far. I have also had many problems burning CD's. My burner is a Pioneer DVR-104.

    I ran a hardware test last night and all passed. I was able to run a system utility from the OSX CD and all passed as well. I tried to run Disk Warrior but it locked up in the middle of the scan.

    The fan is working as I can see (and feel) it spin. Could I be overheating and the system shuts it's self off as a saftey procedure?

    Any other things to look at? Also, does anyone know how to replace the CD/DVD drive for this model mac? I tried to give it a go once and could not get it out. I have been able to replace these on other models, but this one is really in there good.


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    Also, once I complete my Archive and install. What OS update should I run? I used to be on 10.4.2 because it worked so well for me...but am open to suggestions.

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