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    Finder closes after click on second file
    Finder (ibookG4) opens, I go to folder, using mouse, click on file for preview, click on second file for preview. Than Finder closes and opens again in another folder and in another view. (in icon view, I alway use column view)
    In icon view this does not happen. But I prefer column view, because preview in column view is bigger.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Jaap.

    Ok, we're seeing way too many questions about 10.5 (which isn't out yet but will be released next October) so could you tell us a bit more about your system?

    1- Which iBook is it? *

    2- Which OS version are you using?

    3- How much RAM?

    4- What did you do just before this behaviour started to happen?

    5- Did you install any new software?

    6- Add any new hardware component in your peripherals?

    7- Did you change any settings in your system?

    8- What troubleshooting procedures have you tried so far?


    * If you don't know how to get the info on your computer, go to the menubar and click on the blue Apple logo on the left: select About this Mac -> More Info

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