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Thread: changing font size

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    changing font size
    ok. OK
    let's say I want to have it regular font size on the "hard-copy, but, because I have vision disabilities, I need to see a much larger version on my monitor,
    How do I set this up? And I would like to turn ON and OFF, selectively. I hope
    I'm not expecting too much!?!
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    u can use the zoom feature in the universal access section of system pref...u can customize ur zoom level and just scroll to see the whole doc without actually changing it to be a larger font...

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    Well, most word processing applications can be set to zoom the document to a percentage above actual could set up the default new-document template to be zoomed to whatever you feel comfortable with. This would apply to new blank documents in these applications only.

    For Word, edit the Normal template, inside the Microsoft User Data folder in (probably) your Documents folder. For AppleWorks, follow these instructions. For iWork/Pages, try these directions.

    Other than that, there is a system-wide zoom option in the Universal Access section of System Preferences. Press a keystroke to zoom in on the area of the mouse pointer. It may not be necessary to use this all the time, but you may find it helpful occasionally.

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