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    name and password problem
    i just bought a powerbook g4 from my girlfriends friends brother and it didnt come with anything. i wanna get airport extreme to work but i need a password that i dont have. i also need a password to reformat the g4. is there anything i can do without getting the name and password? i have no idea where he got it so i dont know if i can get that inormation. is there anything i can do?

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    Macbook/13.3"/2.16GHz Intel C2D/1GB RAM/120GB HD/Ipod 20 Gig can call him and get the password that he used....i am not sure how to bypass the password. to install any software he would have to have that password.

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    And call the seller to get the missing disks: these are essential for troubleshooting and if you need to reinstall either the bundled software that came with the Mac or the OS.

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