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Thread: Sync'ing problems

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    Question Sync'ing problems
    I set up the Open Directory service to sync at login and logout on an X-serve. I set the folders to include and skip. When I look at the network home for each user, it is still syncing folders that are in the skip list and are NOT even in the include list. Background sync is set to never.

    Included: ~/Desktop, ~/Documents, ~/Library, ~/Public, ~/Sites (all Full Path)

    Skipped: ~/Movies, ~/Music(full path), various file extensions ie .mp4, .mp3(ends with)

    yet when i look in the mobile users network home there is an iTunes library sitting in the music folder. Any ideas of why this would happen. I really cant figure it out. I also appologize if this is in the wrong place, but as you can see it is my first posts, so I am pretty new to these forums.

    Thanks for the responses in advance.

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    Jun 28, 2007
    I went into system prefs>Account, clicked on the configure button and changed sync automatically to manually. have not seen any changes in those folders since.

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