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    showing directories at top in finder

    Is there any way that I can have fx finder showing my directories together at the top and not 'just' sorted in alfabetically order?
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    from the Mac-Forums Switchers FAQ and Information - preferences section...

    Q: How do I change the size of icons, size of icon text, background color/image of my windows, and/or the way files arrange themselves in my windows?
    When in icon view(the first view button), right click in the folder and select "Show View Options". Here you can select "Keep Arranged By" and select how to arrange your files and even set all folders to do the same. You also have other options here to help suit your preferences.
    When in list view (the second view button), to get your folders and files to organize themselves by name, type, date modified, etc, click the corresponding bar at the top of the finder window.
    When in column view (the third view button), folders and files seem to automatically sort by type then by name.
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