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Thread: Transferring data from MAC to Windows

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    Transferring data from MAC to Windows
    Hello all,

    I am in the process of transferring data from a mac to a windows box. I've heard of many issues regarding corruptions and data renaming. Usually, when Windows receives the file, windows will reformat the files and corrupt them so the mac cannot view them anymore.

    What is the best approach on doing this?

    I have a mac here which is using retrospect to backup to tape. I would like to install the external tape drive on the windows box and transfer the data over with this method. Can veritas backup exec restore the data from the tape which retrospect backed up on or will retrospect for windows need to be purchased?
    Will the above method work out?

    What do you recommend so I can backup data to a windows box and restore it back to a mac w/o any corruption?

    Thanks all

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    The only problems that I have ever experienced with moving files from a Mac to a PC is occasionally the filenames are truncated or the extension (.jpg, .doc etc) are lost. I've never had an issue on a large scale and never had files that were corrupted and couldn't be opened. You could simply copy the files via your network or simply via an Ethernet cable.

    I have no idea about the tape backup, have not used one in years and it was all Windows stuff then.

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