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Thread: installing Mac OS X panther on a new HD

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    installing Mac OS X panther on a new HD
    hi there,

    i have bought a second hard iMac G3 and was interested in upgrading its hard drive from the noisy 20GB unit to a quieter 120GB model.

    i face a dilemma however, because i don't have the original install disks that came with the iMac. i do however have Mac OS X Panther Upgrade disks. will these (3) disks install on a fresh new HD with no prior Mac OS installed on them?

    im not interested in running Mac OS 9 and believe that when the system came pre-loaded with Mac OS X 10.2 [Large Cat - cant remember] - no partition existed.

    any help or advice on this topic would be great fully received!


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    I had a similar machine and I seem to recall that you needed to install OS 9 so that you could flash the machine before an OS X upgrade/install.

    Easiest way to migrate is to use Carbon Copy Cloner and clone the HD from small to big. Then replace the HD and voila completed. I did this to go from the default 13GB to 120 and also did this on my G4.

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