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    how to make delete button??
    On my macbook pro, when i select a file and hit the delte button on the keyboard, nothing happens to the file. How can i make it doing that action would delete the file?

    This is my first mac, so i really am used to that feature from windows.

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    First, tap the file with the mouse so it's selected. Then, hold the command key down and hit the delete key with the command key depressed. The Command keys are on either side of the space bar, where the windows button would be on a PC. They have the apple logo on them and a square with four loops. The file should then go to the trash bin. You can also tap with two fingers to open file properties and send it to the trash that way, or just drag it there.

    The Command key can be used like the control key in Windows, you can select non sequential files with it as well, for deletion by holding it down and using the mouse to click on the next file you want. That way, multiple files can be selected.

    I had that same exact question right after I converted to the church of Mac!

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    you can also just drag the file to Trash.

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    any idea how to do this in windows? I'm running XP Pro and I'd LOVE to turn my F12 into a Del key, especially for logging into a domain (ctrl-alt-del to login)
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    in windows you have to use the FN key on the laptop.

    if using an external keyboard, its just normal, unless its a mac keyboard.
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