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    About to buy...
    I am about to purchase the new 15' G4 powerbook superdrive. But I have never used a linux computer in my life. I started on 98 then had to switch to 95 now I use XP. I just can't stand windows look any longer. And the G4 seems to be everything I want in a computer. I was unable to find a lot of the information I need answered on their website and I was wondering if someone here, could be to some assistance.

    - Will netscape 7 work with macs.
    - Will winamp work with macs.
    - Will kazaa work with macs.

    If no to any of those, are there any replacement programs that are free as well?

    Also I believe when looking through their site it apears Photoshop comes standard with the computer? Is this true? I am huge grapic junky and if there is not Photoshop on mac is there another program to substand it?

    And my final question is, we do not have any Apple stores in my location.. The closest is 2 hours away, I don't see that kind of free time coming up for me any time soon. So I basically am going to have to buy a computer on others opinions. What I want to know is do you think the mac would work well for me?

    Here is somethings I need out of a computer. A movie making program, a filesharing downloader so I can burn cd's. A graphic maker such as photoshop and trusty web-browser, chat, and email.

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    Welcome aboard!

    Software for the Mac is very easy to come by. People port Linux/Unix versions to Darwin, so there is TONS of apps available.

    As for browsers, Netscape is available I believe, but there are so many more choices available.

    For Winamp... There is iTunes, Apples audio app. It is pretty good I guess

    And for Kazaa, I do believe there is a Kazaa client for OS X.

    You should check out for some software that is available for OS X. You should be able to find a few things
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    Wow. Thank you very much for the quick reply. I will check out that site right now.

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    Re: About to buy...
    Originally posted by Fomer
    Here is somethings I need out of a computer. A movie making program, a filesharing downloader so I can burn cd's. A graphic maker such as photoshop and trusty web-browser, chat, and email.
    Yes, Yes, Not Photoshop unless you buy it, Yes, Yes and Yes.

    As a new owner of an iMac (which software wise is identical to the PowerBook) I can safely say that the G4 15" Superdrive model will easily fulfill your wish list.

    The software that comes as standard on the machine is leaps and bounds ahead of what you get with XP and so far (I've had the beast only a month) every downloaded program I've tried has worked seamlessly (stick to OSX ready apps is what I would advise, I have run a few Mac OS9 apps but the OSX stuff seems to be sufficient for the job so far).

    Are you at all interested in application development? If so then be aware that all the development tools also come as standard (something that has never been the case with Windross or any other system I've had bar Linux), it isn't immedietly obvious where they are but if you peek in the Installers folder you'll find 300 Mb of development tools you can install). If not then don't worry about it.


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    Yeah i recently got a 15 inch powerbook and i have found that there were only a few things that i needed to download in addition to that which came on the system. The system came with everything that i needed, and has done everything that i have wanted with it. I was thoroughly impressed when i got the system and started actually using it. So much better than windows xp. Glad to see you are making the switch.

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