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    Removing "Untitled CD" from Finder
    Hey all! I'm a new switcher so I'm sorry if this has come up before...didn't find it in a search..

    When I click on Macintosh HD the window that comes up with my Applications folder, Library, System etc...comes up...

    On the left side under Music, and Pictures therre is a folder called "Untitled CD". What is that and why can't I remove it? When I click on it I get the message "The volume for Untitled CD cannot be found"...

    What's that mean?

    I did use my memory stick and it didn't eject properly..could this have caused it? It's worked fine since...


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Spatula/John.

    Yeah that could very well be the case. You need to drag to the trash all mounted disks (the trash icon will change to an eject button) so you don't corrupt any data by yanking it out of the port. Correctly ejecting the mounted media allows the system to gracefully let go of the data it has in its cache.

    In your case at the moment a simple restart should fix things.

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    Hey thanks for the reply. I did actually eject per normal...but perhaps I yanked it too quickly...but however, I have restarted and it's still I'm not sure what to do at this point....

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    Ok then, download MainMenu and run the cleaning task Clean System Cache -> Deep Clean. That might help.

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