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    Using iMac G5 in "Thousands of colors" mode?
    I'm trying to install software on an iMac G5 that requires 800x600 resolution and thousands of colors (not millions). I've successfully installed this software on other Macs, but am having an issue with the G5.

    It seems that for some reason, software or hardware, the iMac cannot be put into thousands of colors mode. I check under System Preferences ->Displays and the "Thousands" option is grayed out for all resolutions.

    Is it possible to put the iMac into thousands of colors mode? I'd assume a monitor capable of millions should also be capable of thousands, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Thanks for any help!

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    It's not grayed out for me, so that's strange. I have " 1650 x something " resolution running and can choose thousands. Maybe something to do with the color profile chosen (under the Color tab)
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    I believe my max is 1440 x 900, but that's because it's a 17" model. Shouldn't change the color selection though. I might try a quick reinstall tomorrow, since the system doesn't have anything critical on it.

    I'll check the color profile though. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Reinstall seems to have fixed the issue.

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