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Thread: Strange tiny numbers instead of letters in safari

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    Strange tiny numbers instead of letters in safari
    Hi. I have an example shot of my problem here -

    In my safari web browser, in some pages, instead of normal letters there are hundreds of what look like tiny fractions and sometimes there is writing that looks like another language. I don't know what it is? I've been downloading a lot of bit torrents lately, could it be a virus? Thanks to anyone who has an idea of what it is.

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    It isn't a virus. Are you running Safari's 3.0 beta? It uses an installer, so quit Safari and run Disk Utility's permissions repair, just in case.

    You could also try the fsck -fy fix here.

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    Sometimes caused by a corrupted font.
    Font Book > Validate fonts
    Resolving duplicates wouldn't hurt either
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    Couldn't you guys read that? It said that wikedpedia is having a really cool party and we are all invited. Ok maybe it didn't. I agree with torchy on this. Fonts have corrupted.
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    Talking solution to tiny numbers in safari
    A bit late, I know... just found this forum and I believe I may have a solution for you, as it happened to me as well. I went into font book and disabled the font Helvetica Fractions. Once it was turned off, the problem disappeared!

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