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    10.4.10 -> Desktop disabled
    Yesterday I installed MacOS 10.4.10. Since then my Mac needs more than 5 minutes to boot up.

    What's more, my Desktop is inaccessable. I cannot click on any item on it and my background image is not shown.

    It's an Intel CoreDuo MacMini

    I repaired the user rights and re-installed the MacOs. But after upgrading to 10.4.10 again I got the same problem again.

    Any help?

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    If you create a new user, does it happen for that user as well? If not, it's related to a permissions issue and/or corrupted file for your current user. I would go into terminal and do the following (for permissions):

    cd /Users
    sudo chown -R goofy:admin goofy/
    sudo chmod -R 755 goofy/

    This will set your permissions on all files in your user profile (example above uses goofy as the user- no offense intended at all).

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    I think I would try booting into disk utilities from the install disk. Hold C while booting
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