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    10.4.10 Audio-out glitch
    It seems that ever since I updated to 10.4.10, anytime I access a site with audio or open an audio file in a prog, my iMac sends a charge or something through the audio-out line and it makes a pulse sound, then after source of the audio is closed for about a minute, I hear it click one last time. It doesn't occur in the built-in speakers.

    To specify, I believe it is the audio channel becoming active, then after it's time-out period, shutting down again, as I don't think the sound occurs once the first pulse occurs.

    I've already repaired disk permissions and everything.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

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    It's a common issue after upgrading to 10.4.10, from what I've read, and you can too here.

    There is no known fix right now, bummer!
    Brendan Welsh
    Aluminum Macbook Owner

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