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Thread: Boot from DMG?

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    Dec 24, 2006
    Boot from DMG?
    Local computer shop is closed today, and I'm very lazy

    Any way I can boot from a DMG on my friends Mac Mini, or will we have to wait until monday?

    The DMG is OS X Tiger, I want to do a clean install on it as he has messed it up

    I only have computer-specific discs, and he has lost his.

    (Although with a bit of luck, the retail discs i just purchased will be here soon).


    Can we boot from DMG?



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    I think you can connect to a "Target" during startup but not sure about starting from a Target.

    Google Apple and see. Never done that. How about a Disk Utility - you can startup from those as well.

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    I don't think you can boot from a dmg. You need mac os x loaded in order to mount the dmg in the first place.

    You can netboot the entire OS from another machine. But I don't know how, Ive never done it.
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    You cannot boot from an .DMG file. The OS has to load in order to mount an image, so there is no way to boot from that sort of file.
    Since you already ordered retail discs, you are in good shape, you will just have to wait until they arrive.
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    Its okay

    1) I worked out, the easiest way to do it is to get an external hard drive and using OS X 'restore' the image to it, so the external hard drive acts like a bootable cd/dvd. Then just set the startup drive to the external one, and it works without a flaw.

    2) Like you said D3v1l80Y, I have ordered the retail discs anyway.

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