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    IMac to MacBook - transferring Address book
    Hubby just surprised me with a new MacBook last night and I'm thrilled!
    Now trying to transfer files over. Having a problem getting my
    Address book to transfer. How would you do it? Thanks!

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    Select all your contacts and then File>Export vCard. Move that vCard file to the new machine and goto file>import and point to the vCard.

    I think that will do it.

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    Feb 07, 2007
    Perfect - Got the Address book - now need Font Book
    Oh boy, I'm really taking this with baby steps and celebrating each
    new achievement! Thank you so much for the Address Book help -
    it's all installed.
    Now, on to my Font book. It's looking different in Tiger than in 10.3.5.
    Can anyone help me in transferring that over?
    I recently switched from MacMail to web based Yahoo email so I'm finding this is an easy way to transfer files and have back-up copies.


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