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    Unhappy i need help! how to recover deleted files!
    please help!
    i deleted a very important quicktime and .dv files from my computer (already empty trash but not secure empty) in help it said i could still recover those files by using 'data recovery programme'. i tried using 'virtual lab' but it didn't work. the program still couldn't find it...
    could anyone please help!
    i'm so desperate now...

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    After an empty trash you have to get a serious utility maybe from here obviously other then v - lab. Most drives don't really erase, they just mark the data as no longer used on the physical part of the drive, and sometimes over write it. But some utilities can uncover the layers - a good idea not to save anything new until all attempts are tried

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    If you have saved anything since deleting the files, they may have been overwritten. This can also happen if the OS uses the drive for virtual memory.


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    norton utilities has worked for me, though not all files were recovered and some were badly damaged. you can try though

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