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    Mac came back to life.
    I am a new member here, so go easy.

    I currently have a Mac Powerbook g4 laptop, and I am running into problems. I had it for 2 years now and ever since it stopped working the system wouldnt start up. Nothing would work, just a boring long loading screen on my startup.

    Now suddenly I just turned on my mac two weeks ago and everything works. The Mac os x login screen came on, I typed my password and voila.

    Man was I happy to have my apple back, but one problem. My mac is running so slow, it takes 30 min to start safari. I was told my HDD was burned last time and now it works.

    I tried installing Os 9 but it says the following "Please turn off extentions", and so I did it still showed the same message. I decided to try Mac Os X which is my current version and the following message comes up "Mac installion had an unexpected error"- I think it was error type 1 or something.

    The Mac Os classic folder 9 is not found, I searched and nothing. The system wont restart because the same messages pop up. The applications take like forever to start up, and there is nothing I can do.

    Help me.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    If you can get it to at least try to boot into OS X, (start it while holding down the Command and X keys), try this from an old post.

    It might not work if it's set to boot into 9, though that's only a wild guess.

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