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    Mar 04, 2007
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    Mac Book Pro. 2.4Ghz Intel Core Duo running OSX 10.9.3, 8GB Ram
    Cool Oh my god it works!!!
    Ha ha, ok I'm gonna sound REALLY dumb, but I finally got round to beefing my RAM up from the 512mb it came with to 1 1/2gb. My god, Quicksilver lives up to it's name, Widgets opens in 2 secs, instead of the 20 it took before. And i kept cleaning with Onyx, sure I was missing something. What a plonker!!!
    That's all....

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    yah, RAM makes a big difference. noticed that too updating my old iBook from "300-something" MB to 1GB. What a blast :-)

    Quicksilver was the application where I noticed the difference most!

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    I'd say 1gb is the minimum for OSX. When I upgraded I couldn't believe the difference it made.

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