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    hi, i'm new to to the forums. i do happen to love macs, but im not willing to pay for it (SO expensive!) so i got a used ''Snow White" iMac G3 at 600mhz with 256mb of ram and a 40gb HD. got it free(along with another one just like it) from my moms boyfriend. i'm looking for a downloadable version of mac os x (at least 10.4.6) for free. i dont want a torrent file(potential viruises, hassle)im just looking for disc images (.dmg format), preferably the CD version (dvd too big of a file). if anyone can copy their install discs and like email them to me that would be great. thanks!

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    Nobody is going to help you here! Buy a copy of it.
    Brendan Welsh
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    Brendan is right, nobody here will help you.

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