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    Last update make your Mac slow?
    I don't know what it is, but my wife's iMac has been super-slow lately. Both System Update and Parallels have been updated a few times over the past month and as a result the iMac is really slow in regular use. My friend who has a Mini and a similar setup has the same problem. We're not sure if it's the System Updates, the Parallel updates, or a combination of both. Anyone else have this same problem?
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    Yes, yes and yes!

    The latest set of updates (offered just before the 10.4.10 updater) has drastically slowed down all 3 macs that I routinely work on.

    A 1999 G4 upgraded from dual-500 to dual-1300,
    a 2000 G4 upgraded from 500 to dual-500,
    and a mini that I use at church.

    Honestly I believe that Apple just got tired of my 8 year old computer still working fine with the most up-to-date OS. They are telling me to upgrade.

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