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    Cant Adjust Brightness
    My screen brightness cannot be adjusted using the f buttons or in the display settings box. It doesnt matter whether im in automatic adjust mode or not (which doesnt work when its checked anyways) the slider always moves back to the very lowest position even though my screen stays at a consistent high brightness. When i try to adjust with the f buttons it just shows the very left box lighting up each time i press it then it instantly goes back to no boxes, it never goes up more then the first box. Everything was working fine and then it just decided to stop working for some reason. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Have you tried f15-key?

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    Im on a macbook pro, i only have up to f12. It seems to have fixed itself though. Does anyone know what would have caused it to just decide not to work?

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    Solution: (Vista Ultimate)
    Start >> Control Panel >> (Classic View) >> Boot Camp >> Brightness (tab)
    Then: --Adjust Dim to Bright--

    Good luck.

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