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    Unhappy Mirrored Hard Drive = Mirrored Applications (frown)
    I have a new hard drive on which I mirrored a perfect system with all of my favorite applications all set up. This is a wonderful feeling of security I have never before experienced...

    The issue: whenever I use the "open with" menu I am faced with double the applications... everything that I copied over is an option. I can only assume that the top one is the one on my primary hard drive... but I'm worried that I'm going to cause some sort of system conflict, or just run into annoyance opening two of the same application.

    Does anyone know a way to keep my system from cataloging these extra applications?


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    Closer than you think.
    Performa 6116 2GBSCSI 8MB OS 7.5.3
    Use Onyx (free) to rebuild the LaunchServices database in the Maintenance>Reset section.

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    Talking you rock!

    thank you.

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