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    question about home folder
    Hi there.
    I right clicking on my home folder and renamed it to baconbits. Then the next time I logged on all my settings were gone and the name of my home folder reverted back to its original name. I noticed in the mac HD under Users there's no a folder named baconbits along with the home folder and a shared folder.

    In the baconbits folder there are a bunch of other folders (Desktop, documents,Library,etc). It also has some folders (like an audio folderm for example) that my home folder doesn't have.

    Last thing that's different is that when I first double click on the mac hd the side bar on the left of the folder window that says Desktop, home, applications,etc is only has folder icons for documents, movies, music, pictures as opposed to the normal icons that usually show up for them.

    Does anyone know how I can just get it back the way it was before (aside from reinstalling the OS) ad whether or not it's bad to just delete that baconbits are there things in there that I might need?

    Thanks for the help and any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Renaming your home folder the way you did is dangerous and might be one of the "best" ways to lose some of your data.

    Try renaming your home folder what it was before and follow these steps instead, Mac OS X: How to change user short name or home directory name

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    Thanks alot, I'll try that out. I had no idea it was bad to do. Why is it even an option to do then when one right clicks?

    This is slightly off topic, but seeing as thr macbook is new and I really haven't done anything with it yet I was thinking about just reformatting and reintstalling the OS. My only problem with that is that I've already had problems with the second installation disc freezing up half way there anywhere else I can get a copy of that or would I just have to go to an apple store or order one online?

    Thanks again for the help

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