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    Question advice re synch'ing files from Windows to Mac???

    Can you provide a recommendation, re file transfers from my Mac <--> Windows XP machine:

    [1] How to sychronize files in a given directory(s) on my WindowsXP machine to be transfered/synch'ed to my Mac machine. Something that would check say once a day automatically when both machines are turned on to see if there are any new files on the WindowsXP directories that need to be synch'ed across to the Mac.

    [2] Is there an easy way to arrange for a 1-button push way to open access to my C: drive from my WindowsXP machine (assuming it's shared) to my Mac WITHOUT having to go through the Finder connect mechanism each time. Also I note that whilst the WindowsXP non-root directories that are shared turn up in the Mac list of items in the Finder after connection, the WindowsXP root drive names don't seem to, even though I've connected to them. Any ideas why & how to setup a 1-button click icon which auto-launches access/connection to say the C: drive on my WindowsXP machine?


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    The one-button push that will allow you access to your mounted share/s is this:

    When the mounted Share/s icon is/are mounted on the Desktop of your Mac, open a new Finder Window and drag that icon right onto the menu bar of the Finder Window.

    As you can see from the attached image, there are 3 question marks in the menu bar, each represents a share; two from my XP machine and the third is another Mac on the Network.

    When all computers are booted, to connect to a share I need only click on the question mark and the share is instantly mounted.

    As for how to share your C: Drive, I don't know, nor do I know how to easily synchronise file transfers between PC -> Mac.
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    thanks Pulse-8

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