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    Upgrading from OSX 10.1.5
    I am running OSX 10.1.15 on an old teal G3. I want to upgrade my OS to a newer version, OSX 10.2 or 10.3... When I install the new OS, will I lose all my information on the HD? Is it important to back up my data?

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    You can do an upgrade but that is highly unrecommended. I suggest you do a backup of what you would like to save and do a clean install of the newer OS. Upgrading causes more problems than anything and a clean install is sure to have your performance at the maximum for the OS
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    Okay, so now I am gonna start up a network with another mac. I have the IP Address. How do I set it up? Sorry for all the questions

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    I am assuming that you have all the information you need to place this system on the network, since you have an ip address. Just in case, you need the netmask, and the router's ip address.

    Go to system preferences -> network, from there enter all of the requested information.
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    By changing that won't it affect my internet connection?

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    Okay, well, I got it to actually share. But It says that I have insufficient privilages, i can't acces the networked folder... what now?!?!

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