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    Jun 01, 2007
    right click shortcut? keyboard not trackpad
    Anyone know how to right click with the keyboard and not the trackpad?

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    ctrl+<left click> opens the context menu

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    Jun 01, 2007
    i'm assuming <left click> means tapping the trackpad? I am looking for a shortcut that doesn't require the trackpad or mouse at all.

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    Jun 01, 2007
    SOMEBODY HAS TO KNOW A CONTEXT MENU SHORTCUT!!!! MS word is driving me nuts because everytime i have to correct something i have to use the mouse to bring up the context menu with the new spelling. Nobody knows a keyboard shortcut for this? My HP laptop has a context menu key on it that i could just press instead of moving the mouse over the word.

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    There is no equivalent of the Windows "context menu of what's currently selected" key.

    If Mouse Keys is turned on in Universal Access in System Preferences, Control [Numeric Pad 5] will act as a regular right-click, i.e., it'll bring up a context menu where the mouse is.

    But I doubt that's what you're looking for.

    If you want a shortcut for Spelling and Grammar in Word,
    it's Command Option L to bring up the window
    Then use Tab to go to the 2nd list and Up/Down to select the proposed correction, then OK.
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    Bummer. The spelling and grammar thing does bring up spell check, but i was hoping there was a shortcut for a right click wherever the cursor is. Even when typing a search in google or something. I hate having to move the mouse over whatever I'm typing. Oh well! Thanks for the reply!

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