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    Permissions on External Hard Drive
    I have an external HD from western Digital that I used to use with my PC. Lately I have noticed I only have "Read only" Permissions. I can't delete anything from this drive. How do I change this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If it is NTFS formated you can only "read" in Mac OS,if it is FAT32 you can read and write but there is a 4 GB limit on the file size.So if you want to use the disk on both Mac and PC you should
    a) format it as FAT32
    b)use Macdrive
    on your PC so you can have access to Mac formated disks
    c)use NTFS-3G
    on your Mac so you can have access to NTFS formated disks

    I'm not an expert but i hope i pointed you to the right direction.

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    What if I only have the MAc now and dont care about accessing it from a PC anymore? Would I do the same thing or go a different route?

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    If you only want Macs to read the external from now on, it's best you reformat in HFS+. You can use Apple's Disk Utility to reformat it. It should be located in your Utilities folder.

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    I dont see an option in the system utility to reformat or to format the drive so I just hit erase.

    Is there another method to make sure I can read and write from my mac?

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    when your in disk utility, you have to click on the "enclosure" that is above the disk in the left side.

    there will be a partition tab to the right once you select the enclosure, not the actual parition
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