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Thread: Error:"panic: we are hanging here"

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    Unhappy Error:"panic: we are hanging here"
    Hi i am new to this website. I just got an emac from a local surplus store tha thas a 1ghz, igb ram, 80gb harddrive and a dvd drive. I borrowed my friends mac osx install cd that came with is ibook he just brought about 3 weeks ago. O btw the harddrive is wiped. When i put in the disk it trys to load up in to the mac osx setup to install it but then i get this error. at the top of the page it says "unable to find driver for this platform"
    and at the bottem of the page i get "panic: we are hanging here" some one please tell me how to fix it. this is my first real mac so i want to to be a good experence caz im trying to move away from windows which i love so much. thank you in advance.

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    Is your friends Mac a Macbook or iBook? Is his a new machine or did he buy it used?

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    Sorry - Mac OS X Install discs are system-specific. That means your pals iBook disc won't work with an eMac.

    It's even more complicated if your friend has a MacBook, not an iBook. iBooks and eMacs had PowerPC processors. MacBooks and all the new Macs have Intel ones, they use different programming languages or something.

    You should buy a Mac OS X Install Disc from Apple. They work with all PowerPC Macs.

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