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    Nov 08, 2006
    Tranfer via network - mac to pc

    I have a system here running Panther 10.3.7.

    I need to transfer data over (via network) to a Windows box.

    What applications and methods do you recommend to make this happen? Can I install veritas on the windows box and use something else on the mac to successfully implement the transfer? The mac has retrospect installed.

    What are your opinions?


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    Nov 08, 2006
    I actually got it going. I had an issue though.

    I trasnferred some files from the mac to the pc. I then transferred those files from the pc back to the mac and the files we're all corrupted. All of the quark files had the extensions changed to text files and was corrupted.

    Any ideas on how this occured?

    I believe appletalk may work a bit better.

    The problem is that I cannot connect to the windows machine with it. Everytime I try to connect to the server it fails stating incorrect username and password. The problem is that it never prompted me for the credentials. How can I connect via appletalk and have it request for the proper credentials. I have appletalk enabled on the ethernet adapters. It seems as though a password is saved somewhere from a previous connection maybe, how can I clear it?

    Thanks again

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