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    Questions about re-installing Mac OS and re-instlaling programs
    Hi all,

    I am planning to clean out my Mac OS and reinstall the system as I am giving my computer to a friend. I have several programs such as final cut and photoshop which I need to re-install after I clean the OS. However, I do not have the installation discs with me, or any dmg files of the programs. In this case are there any chances for me to keep the application files while cleaning everything else off the mac OS? or are there any ways that I can get the program from my current OS and copy it into the new OS? I do not have the program discs with me. Does that mean I am screwed with the programs if I clean out OS?

    Thanks! I am really desperate to know, or else I am stuck with the current OS forever!!

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    Wait, are you giving the computer to a friend, or keeping it?

    It's a violation of the licensing agreement to give your "friend" software he/she doesn't have license to.

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    Don't worry I am not doing it I've talked to my friend about it and I will wipe out all softwares in the old computer before giving it out. Thanks!

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