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    How to install firefox? (newbie in mac)
    I'm trying to set up an old ibook (g3?) with OS X 10.0.3 for my mother to surf the internet on. For this, i need a decent webbrowser, and i'm trying to install firefox.

    This is my first mac-encounter ever, and i'm confused. I've downloaded firefox When i double-click it, it opens in explorer. I've also tried safari.dmg, but when double-clicking it i get the message that it can't be opened (in swedish, that's why some info might be lost in translation here )

    Why can't my OS X handle .dmg-files? Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks alot in advance!

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    For one thing that is the very first version of OSX. Modern applications will not run on 10.0.3. You really need at least Jaguar 10.2 at least to run newer versions of Firefox. I have 10.1 here and it's so old many things will not work. You can find a older version of OSX like 10.2 on Ebay for next to nothing. 10.3 Panther would be even better as even 10.2 is old enough not to be completely supported.

    This page shows the System Requirements for Firefox 2.0. You need 10.2 Jaguar at least, so that will work, but not your old 10.0 version. OSX has changed so drastically since 10.0.

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    Thank you very much for this info! Will a new version of OS X run on my ibook? It has 192 meg RAM memory, G3-processor i think...

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    You don't have enough memory to run it properly or at all. As I recall, 256 is the minimum, and even then it would be very slow.

    I ran Jaguar on a G3 blue-and-white with a 350 processor and 512 megabytes of RAM. It was dog slow, not only because of the G3 processor but because of the inadequate RAM.

    The machine went on sem-permanent loan, and that user increased its RAM to a gigabyte, which made it possible to run Tiger at something less than unbearable slowness.

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